22 juin 2010

than done

society is too complex, people are too many variables,MBT Shoes this is the era of survival of the fittest. Want to

survive, they have let their capital to survive, now competition is so fierce in today's society to hold more

capital to excellence, excellence easier said than done, of survival than done!

2010 must try! Refused confused, refused to inferior and refused to lose their faith, refused to rely on,

refused to timid, than gets up to do the pontificating. All are on the move, everything changes, everything

that's easier said than done so done how! I keep up the pace of progress is at a standstill? I do not know if I

can keep up the pace of progress?

happy things, sad things, every lot of trouble!

good people, good things, life too difficult!
your world,

I like a joke,

my own world, you are my all,

your world I nothing,

Oh, blame me,

I wrong? ,

all my fault,


loss of memory, who is going to pick up?
parting, I know how much I was reluctant, farewell, I also know how much I love you. Embracing each bring out

the valuable heart of sadness, how deep the feelings, as you said, every feeling, all represent a kind of love.

The Road to a lot, not your company, is so lonely

the night before at home, I cried silently, watching you sleeping, my man, heart of sadness, throbbing, like

all true, really really want to hold the well-being, are you my happiness, the more we wished more sad heart, I

do not know when to cry tired and fell asleep

2009 years, and I was happy Happy 2010, the bell rings, doomed I was sad.

back to your side, why do not I think of you, feel the changes around, even the air had changed, become the

kind of year I'm not familiar with, I feel like I have never seen has become a strange hearts may be some loss

woman's instinct, know do not know, found should not discovered. Arms around him, tears fell down, I said I

want you, but do not let him see my tears that tear, on behalf of these days I miss on you, on behalf of my


I cry, cry heartbreaking, I do not want to cry, but it Wangchu heart tears drops of tears which flow out from

the heart, so bitter. I have not only his eyes, not his Princess, the tiger that he is not my year, my man,

when your heart with others, I have had your eyes can not account for. I have not so tired of you, afraid you

tired, but I do not want to enter the trap, I am in your arms will look forward to our bright, with pain,

happiness, fear when you are around my eyes fail to live up to expectations, the bosom is not the place to

stay. When I got into lonely when you really want to embrace, to find once the breath, to find once the warm,

let me in your arms and quietly enjoy the happiness you brought me, but the moment, this idea disappeared, the

reality pulled me back, back to thinking about this a MBT Shoes Clearancefew times a hug, hug you no longer feel so tight, your

arms loose, your eyes wander, no longer close your eyes and quietly embracing feeling of happiness, because you

do not like to hold me, let me in your arms and bloom. I do not feel the position in your mind, feel your eyes

and the share of persistent deep love, think of this, the heart intertwined.
20 years ago I read in foreign newspapers had an article that is interesting, but the end of the article is

implying sad philosophy. Articles in the following terms: the United States, a newspaper column before a woman

editor Aibigaier signed a "snoring wife," the letter, she felt in the letter about the problems with a certain

universality, so the government "snoring wife" as the subject, this letter in her column in published.

Aibigaier in the editor's note requesting readers to read words in this letter, had his own view was sent. The

full text of the letter is this:

Dear Yibigaier:

I am not extremely troubled this day one in the morning to get up, what day is three in the morning angrily

Shimoji; not the thought that there is a lawn mower is mowing my yard, what time is that there is a big launch

entered the bedroom. Hey! I put up a full 15 years! Play from the wedding day, I have not slept one night on a

good feel. Whenever I tolerate children to simply packed volume, determined to hide in a house to one another

to sleep when my husband complained to a very: "I say, darling child! You can not let my wife also discussed

the holds the pillow to sleep ah! "I have repeatedly Quanguo his hundreds of times, asked him to see a doctor,

but he vowed that day that he played absolutely no less formidable to snore. What is more ironic is that he

actually said, after sleeping snoring is not his, but I am! Ah, Aibigaier, help me!

this letter was published, editorial soon received thousands of messages, many readers also sent in a warm-

hearted treatment of snoring remedies. However, most of the letters are quite agree on how to talk to about how

deeply the pain snoring, and write such a letter of People's Congress are women, the following is a summary of

some letters:

Dear Editor:

you that we have to husband snoring on the issue and talk about their own views, which is wonderful, on this

issue I simply can write a book! I say, by no means an exaggeration. Nine years, I have survived in such a

snore in my sleepless nights. If my husband just simply snoring, it can be tolerated, but he simply was feeling

nervous in the vocalization with the throat, the moaning, doing all the gruesome manner, but soon as snoring

will stop playing long hush a atmosphere. After getting up until morning, when I mentioned this to him, he was

surprised that he did not like this, I must be MBT Shoes Salehaving nightmares! Over the years I had to sleep a day and then

taking the time!

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